Nebula New Years Eve  12/31

Nebula New Years Eve 12/31

Ring in the New Year with a 5 hour premium open bar at Nebula 12/31

Celebrate New Years Eve at Nebula 12/31

Have an out-of-this-world experience this NYE's at New York City's hottest new club, Nebula, right in the heart of Manhattan.

Named after a cloud of dust in outer space that can be seen in the night sky, Nebula is a transformative nightlife experience that combines cutting-edge technology and world-class hospitality with the love and care philosophy that embodied famous Manhattan venues of the past, which transformed for their patrons week after week. The incredible, movable ceiling at Nebula allows the club and event space to transform every time the doors open. The ceiling is made up of six massive video panels that can move and tilt independently or combine to form a massive, venue-spanning screen, allowing patrons to dance under anything from a cosmic night sky to hypnotic, rhythmic pulsing lights. This technology is unlike anything guests have ever seen, allowing the venue to transform from a soaring cathedral-like space to a low-ceilinged dance club every night, ensuring a captivating and unique visual experience and set-up. Their 5,500-square-foot dance floor offers plenty of space to show off your moves, plus a mezzanine level and lower level with three private club rooms dedicated to private VIP groups (complete with their own dedicated bathrooms) lets you customize your going out experience.

This will be a night unlike any other!

Valid Vaccination Card must be presented upon entry

As the buyer of the ticket for this event, you take full responsibility of and are aware of the risk exposures concerning the current Covid-19 pandemic. In the event that you are unable to attend the event, due to Covid-19 related infection, a future credit will be granted to you.

Venue Information:
135 West 41st Street

New York, NY, 10036